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Digital Product Design & Development

Pàu was founded in 2011 and has experienced a strong growth in recent years. Meanwhile, more than 120 digital professionals are active in the Antwerp-based scale-up. The customer portfolio consists of companies in financial services, retail, ICT & telecom as well as government agencies.

"We are navigating solidly in this crisis. Despite quite exciting and uncertain times, we are taking speed. In our teams, we see how sharpness and unity are forming. The strong corporate culture 'People First' brings inspiration, dynamism, and decisiveness. We encourage training, certification, and teamwork. It is extraordinary to see how many Pàu colleagues grow personally, take ownership and make an impact. As the Pàu One Team, we want to move forward with a solid future perspective. "
Anthony Iudicello, Managing Director at Pàu.


The re-imagine campaign we launched earlier this year has been particularly successful. 

Digital strategists and Design experts from Pàu facilitate a lot of discovery, innovation and service design workshops with our clients. The outcome of these workshops is very interesting and identifies a lot of digital challenges. In line with specific needs, we offer solutions in designing and building digital products. 

Given the future volume of assignments, we are expanding the team with 35 digital professionals in 2021 and this means in the broad context of Digital Product Design and Development.

People First

"People First'' is rooted in Pàu's DNA. A working atmosphere where employees feel valued in their commitment makes Pàu a 'People First' success story where talent can develop to its full potential. "
Thierry Marien, HR Business Partner at Pàu. 
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An 'Individual Development Plan' is worked out for each employee. This process is supervised by the Talent Manager and a Coach. They both guarantee employee satisfaction. Training, certification, career paths, and the further development of personal skills and attitudes are given full attention.

Cross-functional Teams

The increasing complexity in a digital implementation project requires an approach where experts and specialists in different roles work together efficiently. Cross-functional Teams are assembled for a specific assignment and consist of different profiles such as a Product Owner, UX&UI Designers, Agile Project Managers and Developers. These teams are so well matched that we can guarantee maximum productivity and efficiency. Communication and transparency in a daily stand-up are crucial to successfully deliver a project within time and budget.

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Thierry Marien - HR Business Partner
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