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Unique design & development

Pàu turns your ideas into customized digital products

At Pàu, we specialize in UX, Agile Development, Content Management and Digital Marketing. Our team is comprised of talent ranging from conceptual UX designers & architects, 3D experts, developers with both front-end JavaScript and back-end experience. We can design, implement and maintain digital products by assigning the right profiles to a cross-functional team.

Our methodology is straightforward, but never cookie-cutter. We listen to your needs. We consider the technical requirements and your unique business goals. But most importantly, we design and build the product from your user’s perspective. With a full range of digital services–from digital strategy to developing platform-specific apps–we can help you go from idea to implementation in fixed-price sprints. Progress, data and deliverables are reviewed in a daily stand-up which allows us to deliver a project on time and within budget. 

We look forward to seeing how we can help you and your business grow.

Unique design & development
Leading you to results

Digital Strategy

To get where you want to be, you need to understand the terrain ahead—and map out how to get there. Pàu helps you do just that. Together with our clients, our multidisciplinary teams explore potential business opportunities and design-driven tech solutions. In our discovery workshops, we scout external factors, identify trends and dive deep into your business processes. Are there opportunities for innovation? If so, we challenge what we have uncovered, question current narratives and look for bold ideas. We synthesize a broad set of options (based on realistic customer journeys) so a clear-cut roadmap unfolds. An array of innovation methodologies is at our disposal; the best fit is tailored to your market contexts and organizational needs. Our digital strategists then deploy initiatives that support your strategic goals, so you end at a successful destination.

Digital Strategy
Made with humans in mind

User Experience Design

Creative excellence is at our core. With each product or service, we aim to uncover fundamental user needs to envision the best experience possible. We co-create concepts, design information architecture, and integrate innovative components. Brand considerations and tone-of-voice are integrated; usability testing is front and center. We challenge assumptions and repeat the steps until we gather enough valuable insight for a feasible prototype. Our clearly defined scope and structured process form the solid foundation for implementation and a quick go-to-market. The best part? A compelling digital experience generates tangible results—and the most business impact.

User Experience Design
Crafting digital excellence

Web & Mobile Development

Helping people is in our DNA: it is at the root of our desire to solve problems. We develop tailor-made applications and integrate them into existing complex enterprise environments. We evaluate existing software, analyze application portfolios, plan for modern technology stacks. When modernizing legacy software, we focus on time, cost and people. The combination of creative skills with the right technologies and tools helps craft the best possible performance and technology support. We engineer software solutions that strengthen your digital transformation thanks to domain-specific expertise. Whether you need to leverage cloud computing, advanced data analytics, develop hybrid applications, or mobile ecosystems (to name just a few), we help advance your business.

Web & Mobile Development
Iterating and improving

Prototyping & Testing

Once an idea has been put through challenges and rigorous consideration, the design is translated into a prototype. Product and/or service features are incorporated, and the prototype moves to the testing stage for user feedback. The gathered data and insight determine if additional development is warranted. If so, modifications are made. After several iterations, we move towards a final development phase and provide software and webmaster support, so product shipment is smooth and service reliable. We work with you all the way.

Prototyping & Testing


From a basement in Antwerp, Belgium back in 2011, Pàu’s first years concentrated on open-source websites, specifically with Drupal. New capabilities came with the 2016 investment in a design team as well as digital business functions in strategy and business analysis. In 2018, Studio Pàu became an independent operating unit to further broaden Pàu's service offerings. Now a team of more than 135 digital professionals, Pàu blends design skills with technology expertise to make digital products that perform.

Even though our end-result is digital, Pàu remains a people-centric business. We invest in our employees so they feel valued and can focus on delivering excellent work. Our commitment has paid off as evidenced by our expanding portfolio: we have earned the trust of corporate companies across sectors from financial services, retail, ICT & telecom, government, engineering, construction, facility management to healthcare and the life sciences.


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