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Cosmident plans with Docket.

Drs. Marco Tudts: "Perfection is the sum of our passions." Cosmident is a leading multidisciplinary dental practice in Flanders that is fully committed to digital innovation.  A complementary team of specialists in various disciplines guarantees high-quality oral care.  In this successfully organized practice, the planning process of Doctors, Dentists, and Health Care Personnel is central. Optimization of agenda management and staff planning is successfully implemented with Docket©. 

Cosmident goes radically digital!

November 22, ... The predictions in the progress of this pandemic look bleak once again. The healthcare sector is creaking and preparing to be overwhelmed at a rapid pace. This fourth wave is hitting our hospitals and by extension the entire healthcare sector hard.

In particular, the sector is experiencing additional pressure due to its HR challenges. The efficient use of scarce resources requires additional digital support in the organization of the practice. The clearly expressed needs regarding the optimization of agenda management and personnel planning are clear. 

I discuss this with Drs. Marco Tudts, 'forethinker' and 'rebel with a cause' in dentistry.  He started Cosmident Lier in 1996, a multidisciplinary private practice with a special interest in complex rehabilitation.  In 2008 he opened a 'Look over Shoulder' Training Facility for dentists with specific interest in implantology, 3D technology, CAD CAM, 3D guided surgery. He is further active as an implantologist in the Netherlands.  Since 2015 he is a staff member at the Department of Periodontology and Implantology UGent, where he is currently preparing his PhD in 3D guided surgery.  

Marco Tudts: "We live and work in an increasingly complex environment where patient care and work-life balance of our colleagues deserve full attention.  More specifically in this period where a lot of practices are bracing for upcoming peaks, practice managers and planners are looking for an ideal utilization rate of treating physician and care staff."

Marco Tudts has been very committed to digital innovation since the beginning of his career.  For example, he is a pioneer and opinion leader in the use of digital innovative 3D guided surgery tools in treating patients.  He chose a strong partnership with ProScan©

, Intellident © , Dentsply Sirona Primescan©

 Drs. Tudts has always been very passionate about 3D CAD CAM functionalities in the dental industry and the ever-growing opportunities to make implant treatments more predictable, easier, faster and less invasive. His principle is clear: The patient is central and quality always takes precedence over price!

In addition to digital support for treatment, we are seeing more and more digital developments in the medical sector that offer an answer to organizing and optimizing the complex practice management.  

"There is a need for vision, leadership and a change in mentality in the organization of our multidisciplinary group practices.  There are clear differences in practice management between the Netherlands and Flanders. In the Netherlands, the focus is squarely on efficiency.  The implantologist surgeon is surrounded by dental hygienists and assistants who work smoothly together as a team," says Marco Tudts. 


Creating value for the patient

Tudts: "There is an interesting opportunity to work more intensively with like-minded people.  Creating a positive experience at the dentist will receive more and more attention: focus on clear information and communication through various digital channels.  Also, designing a nice and pleasant practice setting where attention is paid to comfort and "feel good" before and after treatment.  Furthermore, offering overlapping care together with e.g. a dermatologist, plastic surgeon and beautician are evolutions that are more and more common.   Digital applications that support this evolution is a must have that we are looking at."

Talent is scarce

"Dentistry is also experiencing a demographic evolution.  A large group of dentists is retiring, while the number of starters in training is insufficient to meet the demand for care.  The young dentist has a lot of choices after his training.  These young talented dentists are digital natives. A generation that likes to work successfully in a digital environment. The smartphone is constantly at hand and is the single source of truth often.  We are very motivated to offer them the necessary modern IT infrastructure so that they can be successful in their job," says Marco Tudts.


Optimization of Practice Management

In the increasing complexity of practice management, more and more software initiatives are being launched.   Many apps have been developed, but there is a lack of interoperability between them.

"Our agenda very much determines our daily schedule.  Agenda and planning is therefore very crucial in the planning and operation of our practices.   It would be ideal if we could link the planning of treating physicians, assistants and dental hygienists to the dental program or the electronic patient record via a cloud solution.  Furthermore, we could also look to integrate insights from different locations with each other.  Finally, it is very important to us that the data can be accessed easily, preferably via facial recognition, to our smartphone."  concludes Marco Tudts.


Digital Product DevelopmentProduct development for medical group practice

Pàu started the development in 2019 of Docket as a SAAS Planning Tool specifically for the medical sector (Joint Committee 330).  

To build Docket©, we raised a budget of over 250,000.00 Euros through KBC Bolero. Given the complexity of the tool and the acceleration we want to make to develop a stable SAAS solution.

Docket© is a useful tool to efficiently carry out team planning in a group practice. Recently we published articles in 'Medical Entrepreneurship' and 'Day of the Practice Manager'.  

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