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Living the dream: Kevin Michiels @Pàu.

My first day & assignment

Board games, video games, carnival costumes and more. I knew all the latest trends and releases in the toy market! All of this, of course, because I worked as a Pàu consultant on a project for a toy store called DreamLand. In this blog post, I look back at my work and progress with the Colruyt Group. 

My first job, my first day as a Pàu employee, and my first day at Colruyt Group, all coincided on May 2, 2016. Filled to the brim with enthusiasm, I entered the headquarters in Halle.

My first assignment was at CCX. In the beginning, I worked for 2 non-food brands, DreamBaby and DreamLand. I was able to use my creative and technical skills to help develop marketing communication. Surrounded by internal CCX and external Pàu colleagues, I learned a lot in a very short time.

"As a consultant, it is important to always be open to learn and to be flexible enough to assist the customer with any problems that arise "
Kevin Michiels

DreamLand develop into a bold and forward-looking company

One year later, I opted to dedicate myself to DreamLand. A digital editorial, broadcast by CCX: this seemed like the perfect scenario for me. A new work environment, with a new team, yet in the toy world, which has since become familiar to me. 

In the meantime, I had been able to attend several training courses through Pàu where I could work on my long-term ambitions. My soft skills such as communication, management, coaching, and coordination were honed. So it was with great enthusiasm that I was able to take up a new challenge at DreamLand. I was able to start supervising the same team I was working with before. 

I became the intermediary between the digital editors and the business. I engaged in healthy discussions with the marketing department about the feasibility and scheduling of work to be delivered. My technical and creative background was of great value in these meetings. I was perfectly able to assess the workload for the team and how we could come up with a good solution together.

DreamLand is a company with a lot of ambitions in the market. I really appreciate the innovation and the courage to try new things. It was not always easy to actually realize this ambition, due to the complex structure and responsibilities of the organization. Yet, over the years I have seen DreamLand develop into a bold and forward-looking company.

Dealing with processes, people and so much more

In the last 4 years and 8 months, I have learned what it is like to work within a large organization like Colruyt Group. Dealing with processes, budgets, and people.

I have learned a lot and I am extremely grateful for the opportunities I was given within DreamLand. As a consultant, it is important to always be open to learn and to be flexible enough to assist the customer with any problems that arise.

Thanks to Pàu's training and support, I was able to go through this enriching process at DreamLand.

Watch this video that came out as a result. 

Now it’s time for something new. Back out of my comfort zone and ready to learn again. I have started 2021 with a lot of motivation!

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