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What we did

The Client

Xerius Social Insurance Fund takes care of all aspects of social security for self-employed persons and entrepreneurs on behalf of the Belgian government. Xerius's main task is the calculation and collection of social contributions, which entitles self-employed persons and entrepreneurs to social protection. Xerius consists of a business counter, a social insurance fund, and a mutual insurance association.  

Xerius aspires to be a spokesperson for self-employed persons or entrepreneurs.  They do so by relieving their clients of as much work as possible, but also by lending advice in every area of ​​entrepreneurship and social security.

They defined the four main values:  Commitment, Reliability, Clarity, and Expertise.

The Case

Xerius approached Pàu UX Team to analyze and rework one of their most important customer journeys. The journey of "becoming independent" was already digitally available but outdated and not user-friendly. That's the reason why a lot of users had to pass by the Xerius counter to organize their administration while it could be simply achieved online.

The entire journey and associated flows were mapped out during several workshops, including the most important stakeholders, interviews with potential self-employed clients, and the staff at the counter.

Once this was done, the same stakeholders worked on the ideal customer journey and associated flows. The flows were further elaborated by the customer journey expert and worked out by our design team. 

We engaged with Xerius to understand the omnichannel customer journey & mobile app challenges in 3 phases:

Phase 1: Customer Journey

A customer journey represents the track before, during, and after the effective flow. During the creation of the customer journey, a UX researcher examines the most important motives to start the flow: which leads and channels are responsible for this, and which channels and leads provide the best preparation for the flow. He or she then overviews (by using analytics) what the so-called 'Happy moments' are during the flow and where things are likely to go wrong.

Finally, they study what happens after completing the flow, whether there are any additional questions and whether the users are being properly guided. 

Phase 2: Customer Flow

The customer flow is the specific flow that the Xerius user will go through online, within the application itself.  A Mobile concept designer & information architect analyze the detailed current flow and map out all the requested data, look into how this data is currently collected, and whether this could be done in a different way. Furthermore, we follow an 'offline flow' to determine where the consultants (counter workers) most often have to assist in the current flow. In this phase, we also make a benchmark of possible competitors and similar flows.

Phase 3: UX design, mock-up/prototype testing, visual & motion design

  • UX design and testing

In this phase, the flow that was written out in the previous phase is fully drawn and converted into wireframes by a Mobile UX designer.  Based on their guidelines, the various data are requested in the correct way. When the wireframes are drawn and checked by Xerius, they are converted into a prototype which is then tested by potential users and Xerius employees.

  • Visual and motion design of the flow

The visual motion designer takes care of the visual aspect of the flow. A Visual designer specialized in mobile websites and applications takes care of modern future-proof designs that make the flow accessible. Additionally, a motion designer takes care of the design and the smooth transition between all the steps. They do so while keeping the technical possibilities in mind.

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The Conclusion

Thanks to our digital experts, we were able to analyze and rework Xerius' most important customer journeys.

While gaining insights into the 3 different phases and implementing a thorough analysis, we were able to provide Xerius with a highly qualitative process in their customer journey.

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