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March 2020.

Pàu was founded in 2011 and has experienced solid growth in recent years. We now count more than 120 digital professionals and our client portfolio consists mainly of corporate companies in financial services, retail, ICT & telecom, and government.

At Pàu we combine the strategic advice of a creative agency with the expertise and know-how of a technology company. This way we offer a full range of digital services, from the development of a digital strategy to the implementation of the right applications on the desired channels.

Hold the line

Hold the line became our credo in the past few weeks, says Anthony Iudicello, Managing Director of Pàu. More than ever, our strong PeopleFirst corporate culture provided inspiration, backbone, and focus in the daily contact with employees and customers. From a strong support base that is visionary and complementary, we were able to keep building on the essentials: courage, speed, clarity and passion.

Thus, for us too, teleworking became the new normal. Not only were we able to quickly convert our activities to telecommuting, but we also seized the Corona Measures as an opportunity to optimize a healthy balance between work and private life. That balance will continue to prevail for all our employees in the future as well.

With the disappearance of digital barriers, we also looked at how we could improve the day-to-day cooperation with our customers, business partners, and suppliers. Investing inefficient communication is an absolute priority for us and we see major opportunities in this area, especially online.

Customer Experience

72% of our customers indicate that they want to reflect on Customer Journey and Customer Experience in the coming period. It is inherent to strong brands and market leaders to continuously question the situation as-is. The context today is forcing many entrepreneurs and decision-makers to reinvent themselves or at least to review their online strategy and execution. Some reflections on this:

  • More than ever, customers reward companies and brands that exude confidence. They are usually companies that are optimistic about the future. This means daring to invest against the odds.
  • Another trend we see is: top companies further betting on Customer Experience. A personal, meaningful experience with a brand represents a lasting investment in the relationship with the customer. Only in this way can you cope with a crisis and guarantee continuity. 
  • Combining digital transformation with product development and technology innovation, we see the importance of User Experience research and strategy as essential to connect with consumers "one on one" and digitally. 


To provide an answer to these strategic questions, our UX Expert Leads are launching the Reimagine campaign. Through a digital representation of the impact of COVID-19, you’ll discover with us the online opportunities for your business. Pàu helps you gain insight and find digital solutions for the key challenges in Customer Experience.

  • During a 3-hour workshop, we identify the digital needs of your organization. Furthermore, we visualize and prioritize clear actions to map out a successful digital journey with an eye on the Customer Journey.
  • We then start working together on a digital service design track and build a prototype.
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