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What we did

The Client

Telenet believes in the enormous potential of digital and wants to help people and companies to stay ahead in this digital era. They want to make a difference by engaging in an inclusive and empathetic way with their customers and employees. This is achieved by building open and transparent relationships with all their stakeholders so that they meet their expectations in terms of social, economic, and environmental impact.

In a world of fast-paced technology developments, continuous investments in innovation and anticipating changing customer behaviors are key at Telenet. They take a collaborative approach to innovation, actively partnering up with industry players, academic institutions, and startups.

Telenet is proactively responding to changing customer behaviors by introducing innovative customer propositions that offer user-friendly products in simple and transparent bundles. With offers like WIGO and YUGO, based on TADAAM and Safespot, customers can more easily compare products and make a speedy and balanced choice that responds to their specific needs and expectations.

The Case

At Telenet, Flanders’ main telecoms operator, Pàu helps to design, develop and maintain campaign and customer websites. Cross-Functional teams are put together to make multidisciplinary coalitions of professionals who are perfectly coordinated with one another and have fully mastered the relevant web and mobile technologies. The primary objective of these teams is to shorten time-to-market, increase the quality of web and mobile applications, guarantee business continuity in daily operations, or, for example, to optimize primary processes in UX and UI research, operations, and testing.

At Telenet, Pàu’s Senior UX designers were involved and worked on the strategic redesign of Telenet’s various touchpoints.  As an example, we researched and designed a user-oriented onboarding flow for new customers. We also created methods to align business processes, the technological content, and the needs of the end-user.

Through a capacity-based approach, the Pàu team at Telenet consists of full-stack developers, content managers, and webmasters working on the digital presence of Telenet today. Our webmasters work with Adobe Experience Manager and Selligent tooling to make sure all the content is up-to-date, and marketing campaigns are carried out effortlessly. These Agile teams are supported by Pàu team leads, including Product Owner and Scrum Master roles.

We developed high-performance cross-functional teams based on a people-first approach. First, we put together a team of people with complementary skills and backgrounds tailored to Telenet’s goal. Then we empower the teams with a unique toolset in web and mobile technologies.  Additionally, we give them the benefit of access to agile coaches, talent managers, and best practices, enabling them to develop at an accelerated pace. Meanwhile, based on an evaluation, the team and business stakeholders determine the key indicators and align their actions and management accordingly.

The Conclusion

Thanks to the positive experiences with our fellow digital professionals and experts in digital product design and development, we were able to deliver and guarantee business continuity in professional services of all kinds. This integrated approach is Pàu’s strength: by combining our knowledge and an enthusiastic team, we were able to offer Telenet the very best solution.

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