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Pàu lets construction industry harness power of data: "Cost efficiency, speed and sustainability are crucial".

Data is crucial throughout the entire life cycle of a construction project, and the industry has understood that. Thanks to the widespread adoption of the 3D Building Information Model (BIM), various disciplines are increasingly working together.

Ecosystem Approach

BIM Level 3 (where all stakeholders work together within a single shared project model, Ed.) offers the opportunity to integrate data from the entire construction process with other business applications. This ecosystem approach allows for greater cost efficiency, speed and sustainability, according to Iudicello. "Workflows that have a strong relationship with facility management, cost management and asset management offer an instant return. The visualization of data related to 3D models in a web and smartphone application offer countless possibilities."  Our customers realize that there are many opportunities in this sector. We are already working together with the Flemish Government AWV, the WTCB, and the Multi-Masters Group. 

New opportunities

"Recent advances in Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, the Internet of Things (IoT) and data science will bear fruit for the sector. Often when we see an acceleration in the digitalization of a traditional sector, this upheaval gives rise to new services with corresponding revenue models.  "
Dirk Bollen

Innovation Workshops

Through an innovation workshop, we evaluate how digitalization adds value in your company and sector.  During a 3 hour workshop, we identify the digital needs of your organization. Furthermore, we visualize and prioritize clear actions to define a successful digital journey around the customer journey.

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"Construction Teams are increasingly using cloud-based platforms that improve mobility and access to information. "
Anthony Iudicello, Managing Director at Pàu.
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